The Investrent top tips for choosing your next property manager



Does your property manager only call when things are going wrong?

That's why at InvestRent we believe in the importance of keeping in touch with you, even when all things are going well.  We have a policy that ensures we are in regular contact with you to find out what's happening with your property.

When was the last time your Property Manager COMMUNICATED with you just to keep you informed?



The foundation of InvestRent is built on connections.  Most landlords and their property manager would rarely speak.  Lucky if you speak to them once a year, and this is probably to discuss a rent increase or some issue tenant or maintenance issue.

What if you could develop a relationship with a Property Manager that kept you up to date on things beyond the rent or the tenant, activities and kept you in the loop.

Think about how well you CONNECT with your Property Manager?




You may have a good property manager but a poorly run agency. Or, a nicely presented real estate agency with a poor property manager.  Its difficult to have consistent performance in these environments.

InvestRent has business systems, policies and procedures that work hand in hand with our qualified and experienced property managers to ensure a consistent level of service from the front end to the back end of your property management.

How CONSISTENT is your property manager now?




This ranges from ensuring that your property management is well maintained, , with up to date rent payments through to complying with the number of legislative and compliance requirements.

InvestRents team of property Managers have a level of COMMITMENT second to none. Does your current Property Manager have the same?




Do you ever get the feeling your property is not that important to your Property Manager?  And the management of your property is not high on their priority list?  That's because it most likely is not!

At InvestRent we ONLY manage property that we care about and as we are not distracted by sales commissions.  This means all our CARE and attention is on your investment property.

Can your Property Management say the same?




All good businesses need a great team behind them. Property Investing is no different. Your return on investment and long-term financial goals will be easier to achieve with the right people behind you to help.

InvestRent prides itself on providing access and advice to other professional services and a COLLABORATIVE team like approach to property investing.

When has your current Property Manager asked you about your current and future direction with property Investment?




The reason why you invested in property to start with! While some property managers will try to maximize your rent return, effective Property Management goes beyond that.

Regular rent reviews are important. Just as important is how InvestRent ask you about maximizing allowable tax deductions, reviewing your financial arrangements and thinking of your property investment direction; whether it be to buy or sell.

Does your Property management have the know- how and knowledge to maximize the COIN you receive from your Investment property?




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