Our Team

Peter Ross


Peter Ross, Director of InvestRent

Mark Stapleton

Mark Stapleton, InvestRent


Jacinta Greentree

Relationship Manager

Jacinta Greentree, InvestRent Executive Asset Manager

Kirsty McLaren

Executive Asset Manager

Kirsty McLaren, InvestRent Executive Asset Manager

Krystal Camp

Asset Manager

Krystal Camp, InvestRent Asset Manager

Hayley Bisaro

Asset Manager

Hayley Bisaro, InvestRent Asset Manager

Tamarra Beer

Asset Manager

Tamarra Beer, Property Manager InvestRent

Marlee Taylor

Asset Manager

Marlee Taylor, InvestRent Asset Manager

Craig Jones

Asset Manager

Craig Jones, InvestRent Asset Manager

Liam Arnold

Senior Asset Manager

Liam Arnold, InvestRent Asset Manager

Tania Varley

Asset Manager

Tania Varley, InvestRent Asset Manager

Roslyn Foley

New Client Consultant

Roslyn Foley InvestRent New Client Consultant

Nikki Vlatch

Leasing Consultant

Nikki Vlatch, InvestRent Leasing Consultant

Kristin Robinson

Property Management Admin

Kristin Robinson, InvestRent Property Management Administration

Chris Cobbold


Chris Cobbold, InvestRent Receptionist

Hayley Stannard

Property Officer

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Posted by The InvestRent Team on 4 September 2017
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