Why choose InvestRent?

Our Promise to you

 We are committed to delivering a superior level of service.

 We will strive to get it right the first time

 We will promptly return your telephone calls

 We will have a positive and enthusiastic attitude about managing your property

 We understand that our clients and customers are the reason why we are in business.
 We will provide hassle-free management

 We will skilfully represent you

 We do not tolerate arrears

 We will care for your property as though it was our own

 We ensure all routine inspections, exits and entries are completed thoroughly and efficiently

Our Mission Statement


  • Disrupt the way it's always been done and lift the ceiling in property management standards
  • To create raving fans from our owners and tenants
  • To remove dodgy practise to best practise


Our mission is to deliver on our promise.

Our promise is to stand for consistent and effective high-level services.  We promise a system that approaches property management to receive positive outcomes.

We promise transparent and regular communications with our clients. We promise accurate and reliable property inspections. We ensure market value is received and achieved.  We promote a proactive maintenance schedule to meet and exceed legislative standards and to find the best tenants available.


  • To provide exceptional LEADERSHIP to help transform peoples futures
  • To CARE and COMMIT about the people we work with our Team, Owners, Tenants and Suppliers
  • To raise our own STANDARDS
  • To EXPECT the best behaviour from all stakeholders
  • To aim for maximising RESULTS

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